Culture and Values Development

Your organization's culture is your sense of shared purpose — it defines and animates your organization. And it is the only thing that can’t be duplicated by others.

According to George Bradt:

“All (Western) music is made from the same twelve notes and all culture is made from the same five components: Behaviors, Relationships, Attitudes, Values, and Environment. It’s the way those notes or components are combined that makes things sing.

“In sustainable championship cultures, Behaviours — ‘the way we do things here’ — are inextricably linked to Relationships, informed by Attitudes, built on a rock-solid base of Values, and completely appropriate for the Environment in which the organization chooses to operate.

This makes your organization’s unique set of values the bedrock upon which the success and vibrancy of your organization — your culture — rests.

According to Schwartz’ Theory of Basic Values, values are beliefs linked inextricably to affect. Values refer to desirable goals that motivate action, guide the selection or evaluation of actions, policies, people, and events.

They are shared meanings or interpretations that define who you are as an organization and guide all of your relationships, both internally and externally.

Values also serve to clarify and signify for others in the community what you stand for, empowering others to identify themelves with those values and offer their support and patronage to the organization.