Simple Strategic Plan For Smaller Organizations

The Simple Strategic Plan is designed for smaller organizations with limited budgets that recognize the need to move their organization forward. While complex visioning and strategic planning processes can take one or more years to complete, The Simple Strategic Plan focuses in on the essential components of that process.

Key stakeholders are guided through three simple stages over three one-day workshops to create a clear Strategic Plan, outlining a shared vision, five key goals, three strategies designed to achieve each goal, and three to five actions or tasks necessary to accomplish each of those strategies.

Orientation (Situational Awareness)

  • External Focus: Patron Survey

Day One: Internal Focus

  • Life Cycle Analysis
  • Strategic Analysis

Day Two: Foundational Elements

  • Shared Values
    • We believe in X, therefore we do ?
  • Shared Vision
    • Who Do We Serve?
    • How Do We serve them?

Day Three: New Directions

  • 5 Overarching Goals
    • 3 Strategies to achieve each goal
    • 3 - 5 Tactics to accomplish each Strategy

Final Report

  • Refreshed Mission, Vision & Values
  • Strategic Plan w Timelines & Budgetary Implications

Free 30-minute Zoom consultation available on request.