Strategic Planning & Visioning

To remain relevant to place and time in an environment of continuous change, organizations must understand where they are in their journey, the environment in which they operate, as well as who they serve and how they serve them.

And they must use that knowledge strategically to craft a compelling vision to lead the organization, one that engages and embraces all stakeholders around a shared vision for the future. 

Having helped three iconic BC arts organizations reinvent themselves through a values-centred process, I offer a proven approach to strategic planning and visioning.

Applying these principles and processes can help your organization understand where you are in your own journey of organizational development, craft a vision that transforms challenges into opportunities, create alignment, and build a collaborative creative culture capable of transforming your organization and achieving your mission with renewed inspiration.

I work with nationally recognized Indigenous and EDI consultants who can help ensure the planning is undertaken within the context of essential commitments to equity, belonging, diversity and justice.

Deliverables include:


  • Broad-based community survey
  • Competitive Environment


  • Patron Market Research
  • Life Cycle Analysis
  • Strategic Analysis Suite
  • SWOT Analysis/Appreciative Inquiry

Foundational Elements

  • Patron Word Cloud
  • Foundational Principles
  • Belief / Action Statements
  • Revitalized Mission, Vision, and Values


  • Strategic Plan
    • Vision
    • 5 Aspirations
    • 3 - 5 Strategies to achieve each Goal
    • 5 Tactics to implement each Strategy
    • Timelines
    • Financial Implications

Implementation Package (Optional)

  • Patron Experience-Chain Analysis and Reinvention
  • Culture & Values
  • Implementation Plan
  • EDI Suite (Outside Consultants)
  • Staff Training

Free 30-minute Zoom consultation available on request